The Five Coachable Blind Spots of Leaders

The story is now legendary. Tiger Woods, after winning the 1997 Masters Golf Tournament by an unprecedented 12 strokes, set about changing his golf swing to achieve even greater success. I have seen many leaders rise to unprecedented success only to realize later that they, too, need to “change their swing.”

Leaders in organizations come up the rank using strengths that are natural preferences for them. However, there is a tendency on the part of many executives to “overuse” these strengths and in some ways they become prisoners to them. This is most often visible in sensitive and stressful situations where leaders lose their resonance, sense of balance and anchors.

In the next few blog entries I will be covering five leadership blind spots that I believe are coachable if the leader enters a coaching relationship with a learning mindset and engages in meaningful journey of self-exploration and learning.


7 Responses to The Five Coachable Blind Spots of Leaders

  1. Geremy Farrell says:

    This looks great!

  2. Tom Booth says:

    Kaveh – great idea. I look forward to following your blog. Tom

  3. Steve Gladis says:

    Congrats on launching the blog. I look forward to the 5 blind spots!

  4. Mino Akhtar says:

    Congrats…wishing you the best! Mino Akhtar, Eisai Inc.

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