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Dear Friends,

I have thought about and have been asked by some to share my reflections and thoughts on leadership.  To this point, I have not done so, as I wanted to make certain that I am excited about what I want to share with you in a blog, and that there are enough experiences to warrant its creation.

After thirty years of thinking about, experiencing, teaching and coaching leadership effectiveness, I have finally given myself permission to share some of my thoughts with you on my blog.  In addition, I am witnessing a great deal of pain, fear, anxiety, stress and confusion on the part of many of my coaching and leadership development clients.  Not so surprisingly, there is an amazing level of consistency between the issues and challenges that many of these leaders are experiencing.  On the surface, they work in different industries, companies and functions; however, they share one overwhelming commonality—they are all human beings in search of happiness and success.  Nevertheless, they are surrounded by overwhelming noise and interference that takes them away from the genius that resides in each of them.   I thought maybe through this blog, in some small way, I may be able to instigate questions and thoughts that connect with some, hopefully resulting in helpful insights.

My hope and the reason why I do this work is to help leaders achieve their potential professionally and as people.  I would love to hear back from as many of you as possible.  I am only one voice and it is my voice.  I would love this site to be a place where many voices, each with its own wisdom and power come together to make a meaningful difference.

I know that we are all incredibly busy and overwhelmed with the volume of information that comes our way.  Therefore, I totally understand if you are not able to join into the blog ‘s community.  Please visit whenever and however you are able to do so, in a manner that you feel is a choice and sense of the joy of learning from and teaching one another.    In my future installments, I will share with you my ideas on the five coachable blind spots of leaders.  This topic will continue over the next few installments with postings on barriers to practicing reflective learning and the role of leadership coaching.

I am eagerly awaiting hearing from you and building this community with you.  I am putting in the first brick into this bridge, please help me build this bridge to enlightenment and actualization here at



About Kaveh Naficy
Kaveh is the leader of Heidrick and Struggles executive coaching practice in North America. Kaveh focuses on working with leaders placed to make transformational and creative changes in their organizations. Kaveh has a proven record of success in harnessing the strengths of these leaders to achieve accelerated business solutions. He is able to create significant insights through reflective thinking, presence, and disciplined follow-through. Executives who have worked with Kaveh say that his strengths are his deep insights into the realities of the current and future business world, accelerated scanning of the environment and competition; creative out of the box thinking, and leveraging the collective intelligence of their teams and creating the organizational culture to support and foster the appropriate organizational design and strategies. They also point their deep trust and personal connectivity with Kaveh, his coaching approach, and style.

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