The Giver Leader

There are occasions in my readings of leadership that I come across material so profound and self-explanatory that I will refer you the source, step aside, and put the spotlight on the author or the guest writer. Such is the case for this posting. This posting is devoted to Professor Adam Grant of the Wharton Business School and his work on the dynamics of “giving” and the work place.

Please read the New York Times Magazine article of March 31, 2013 titled Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead? by clicking the following link:

As mentioned in the article, “Grant, 31, is the youngest-tenured and highest-rated professor at Wharton. He is also one of the most prolific academics in his field, organizational psychology, the study of workplace dynamics.”


After reading the article, please join our online conversation by thinking about the following questions, or by posting your own questions or suggestions:

  1. What were your impressions after reading the article?
  2. How do the findings of Adam Grant line up with your own life experiences and thoughts?
  3. tIf you could have dinner with Adam Grant, what would you ask him or suggest to him?

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